The study of science, music, or engineering is good but it isn’t able to provide crucial elements if they do not know where the information they can access today was derived from.

The importance of studying History Essay. Europe Timeline. The old saying is that those who can’t remember their history will be liable to repeat history. Browse through the entire timeline of the history of mankind.

These past couple of years have shown that is much more than the common phrase. Select the dates you’d like to search and also the specific keywords you’re seeking. The term "history" is used to describe every subject taught and every lesson taught. Advertisement. The risk of avoiding knowledge is much more than the work required to learn it.

Many schools and universities recommend us as well as Oxford University and University of Missouri. The people who do not study the past because it’s boring or doesn’t matter to the present, are making themselves vulnerable to an inevitable failure in the future. Our publication has been vetted as educational from Common Sense Education, Internet Scout, Merlot II, OER Commons and School Library Journal. It can be a source of inspiration significantly more than the activities that lure people away from it in the modern world. Be aware that some of the recommendations are available under our former label, Ancient History Encyclopedia. We’ll write a custom Essay on the Importance in Studying History specifically for you at just $16.05 $.01 per page.

Our Mission The mission of our organization is to inspire people to embrace their culture and heritage, and to increase education in the field of history across the globe. 807 writers certified online. World History Publishing is a non-profit organization which is registered with the United Kingdom.

A wonderful example of how the past can be beneficial to anyone–and could save a career, or even a life–is taking place in the world arena. World History Foundation is a non-profit corporation which is registered in Canada. The effects of the current conflict in Iraq in both a political and otherwise, could have been prevented. We are committed to protecting our planet and donate a percentage of our earnings to the elimination of carbon dioxide out of our atmosphere. The decline of the situation in Iraq could have been anticipated by anyone who’s opened an old history book.

Some Rights Reserved (2009-2022) under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license unless otherwise noted. The demise of Saddam Hussein as the ruler of Iraq is strikingly similar to the situation that struck the Balkans after the demise of the communist leader Marshall Tito. Americans aren’t aware of the their nation’s history: study. Much like Iraq, Yugoslavia was a group of rival factions, whose unity was forged principally by the strength of a vicious leader. Thank you for reaching out to us. After Tito died , the country was thrown into the civil war that claimed millions lives. We’ve received your email.

Iraq to those who pay close attention, was a similar promise. "Washington The Delaware is Crossing" Delaware" (1851) painted on oil and canvas drawn by Emanuel Leutze Bettmann Archive. If anyone in the President. More Information on: History. Bush’s White House merely done an internet search about Yugoslavian historical facts, Bush’s job and the lives of many others could be saved.

They are among the most intriguing objects found in King Tut’s tomb. The benefits of history are also felt through a sense identity and place. Kelsey Grammer shares which Founding Father would he like to play on Broadway. If you don’t know where you come from, you won’t be able to tell the direction you’re heading. What was the reason? George Washington was a man with many contradictions.

It is essential to know the pattern of time that has brought us to where we are today. A truly rare Roman mosaic depicting Trojan War is found in Syria. A lot of people make false claims while claiming they have vast expertise. Do not know much about history. They could be as unimportant as saying that they have a clue about the first person to sing an enduring song, but actually they’re using another version later on or essential to understand the background of the Middle East so you no will ever make the false assertion that Islam is at the root of the violence and horrors which are currently taking place. A new study has found that Americans have a shaky understanding of our nation’s past and most residents of the state of Vermont are able to pass an exam for citizenship. Without understanding the background of the Crusades and the intolerant religious beliefs of the Christians There are many who believe that the violence perpetrated by Muslim terrorists takes place in a space.

The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation has conducted a survey of 41,000 Americans across the 50 states, as well as Washington, DC, the foundation announced on the following day. The study of history can help connect the dots and know the path of things that led us to the present. Incredibly, the study results reveal that only 27 percent of Americans who are younger than 45 in the United States have the basics about American history. The subject of history is what is the glue that holds everything else together. In addition, only 4 out of 10 Americans were able to pass the test. The study of science, music, or engineering is good but it isn’t able to provide crucial elements if they do not know where the information they can access today was derived from.

Even in Green Mountain State, the rate of passing was just 53 percent. In the absence of understanding the journey which brought us to the level of information available to him now, they run chance of repeating mistakes which delayed the introduction of this information. "Unfortunately, this Woodrow Wilson Foundation has validated the findings of research conducted over 100 years: Americans don’t possess the background knowledge needed to be educated and active people," foundation president Arthur Levine declared in an email. Everything is accomplished in stages; information is acquired in the course of time, through trial and trial and. New York came in 32nd position with a 40% score. If we don’t study the past, we are likely to not be aware of the errors as well as the trials. Louisiana residents had the lowest information about their country’s past and history, with only 27 percent of them making it to get through.

By doing this, we are more likely to losing time in our trials as a consequence of unintentional errors. Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana and Virginia were followed by Vermont as the highest ranking, however, Kentucky, Arkansas, Alabama and Mississippi were just below Louisiana. The history of the world is the chronology of mankind’s achievements. The study also showed that just fifteen percent American adults could accurately determine the year in which in which the US Constitution was written -1787. just 25 percent were able to accurately say that the Constitution includes 27 amendments. The idea of not knowing about it would be to suggest that we’ve not learned anything that is worth our time. The survey respondents did not know that freedom of speech was protected by the First Amendment — and the majority of respondents did not know about the fact Woodrow Wilson was president during World War I. The troubling results prove how "American history education isn’t functioning, as students are being asked to learn dates, dates, and events and the results of the poll indicate aren’t being retained into older age," Levine said.

A History of Online Education. "Based our findings the issue is not an issue of the fact that high school teachers are properly prepared, nor do children are learning about American history at high school," he added. "The response to both of these questions is yes. The essay technology boom of 1980s was most famous by the very first computer however this era also saw an significant innovation: online education. This is a question of the way you teach American history.

It was only used sparingly, mostly by executives in business and some postsecondary institutions.

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